Find out if you qualify to be Affordable Residences LLC’s tenant.

Here are the requirements and terms and conditions in renting our properties.

Application Requirements

Before renting our properties, we thoroughly investigate if an individual is qualified to become our tenant. All financially responsible parties who want to reside in our apartments and/or homes must be 21 years old and need to qualify and sign a lease.

We require a picture ID for each applicant and he/she must be financially eligible on his/her own ability. We conduct background checks and verification of addresses, contact numbers, and references.

We ensure compliance with local, state, and federal governmental regulations and uniformity in the leasing standards to all applicants. Below are the qualifications for all applicants of Affordable Residences LLC.

  • Rental History

    An applicant must have 1-year verifiable present and past rental and/or mortgage history. The applicant must have no resident problem issues with the current or prior landlord. A positive rental is no more than a late payment within the 1-year period. If an eviction was filed, your application is automatically rejected.

  • Employment/Income Verification

    We verify your employment record, including name of employer, length of employment, any anticipated layoffs, and gross salary. We require proof of income whether you’re employed or self-employed. If unemployed, you must show proof of unearned income that meets the required gross monthly income ratio.

  • Background/Police Check

    We conduct background checks for all applicants 21 years or older who want to be a tenant of Affordable Residences LLC. A positive background is considered when there’s no record found. However, a negative background check will not automatically disqualify an applicant. We assess all misdemeanor convictions based on the merit of the case.

  • Pet Approval

    Pets may or may not be allowed depending on the property or location.

  • Downpayment and Application Fees

    A Non-refundable application fee may be required to process the application. Once your rental application is approved, we require a downpayment for your move-in.

Got further questions?

If you need clarifications and assistance with the abovementioned requirements and qualifications, please don’t hesitate to contact our representatives. We’re here to help.